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SPIN MAGAZINE- The 100 Greatest Drummers of Alternative Music

“made all of indie rock look like they had no idea what they were doing.”

SPIN MAGAZINE – Re-Ranking SPIN’s Top 100 Drummers in Alternative Music

“08. John McEntire / John Herndon (Tortoise) – God, what a duo.”

NEW YORK TIMES – Subtle Indie Rock, Aged for 20 Years

“Tortoise, an instrumental five-piece band from Chicago, makes music of elaborate detail, rarely settling for a broad stroke when a sharp inflection might suffice.”

NEW YORK TIMES – New Jazz That Keeps an Ear Trained on the Past

“Mr. Herndon is a member of Tortoise, the instrumental rock band that piles language on language: in 10 minutes of his playing you might hear jazz, funk, prog. (Elvin Jones, Clyde Stubblefield, Klaus Dinger.) He plays hard, and the set’s loud, heavy-footed feeling built upward from him.”

PEOPLE MAGAZINE – Standards,,20134569,00.html

“. . . with its weird pulsing beats and spacey guitars, Tortoise sounds a bit like Charlie Parker meets Radiohead. . . Cacophony never sounded so melodic.”

INK 19 – My Favorite Martian: An Interview with John Theodore of The Mars Volta

“John McEntire (multi-instrumentalist/producer) and John Herndon — those guys played in Tortoise–they developed a style that was kind of dubbed-out, in that it swung but it wasn’t funk. That was very influential also. I have to proper those guys because I listen to their records all the time and always feel like, “Damn it, they did what I wanted to do first!”

MODERN DRUMMER – 25 Great Double-Drumming Tracks

“‘It’s All Around You’ simmers along all calm and collected, as an interweaving Afrobeat-like drum groove bounces by. So smart and sophisticated.”

MODERN DRUMMER – The Drummers of Tortoise: John McEntire, John Herndon, Dan Bitney

“After nearly twenty years on the scene it helped create, Tortoise—and the group’s three drummers—continues to push sonic boundaries and rhythmic inventiveness.”